Turbo Charging your New Home Builder Business

We are currently in the midst of a housing market rebound and for all the remodelers and homebuilders out there, now is the best time to shake the dust off the marketing strategies and dive back in.  There is a sea of money to be made out there and with the right marketing ideas to implement you will soon be swimming in it.

Upgrade Your Website Design

According to marketing automation for new homebuilders strategists, your marketing plan is like the solar system and your company website as the sun.  Your efforts at marketing should focus around the Internet which include social media, email marketing and pay-per-click to direct potential customers to your site.

When it come to your site, it is important not to provide all information to the reader because doing so will let them make a decision without having to get in touch with you. Hold some key information back like pricing and then try out some different calls to action statements for the purpose of getting their contact information so that your sales team would be able to check and develop these prospects.

Get Professional Content

Your site is a treasure trove of information about you, your services and products. First impressions are crucial and a poorly written piece of information will turn off a lot of potential customers. Make sure that the stuff you put out is professionally written or at least of professional quality. Make sure that your content specialist also write content for social media pages like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Emphasize on Establishing your Brand

According to a study by homebuilder sales specialists, 3 years after customers purchased a new home they were not able to remember who the builder was but they could surely remember the type of car they drove. This emphasizes a need for builders to look at other industries for prime examples on how to stay in the radar of customers for better brand identity.

When it comes to branding make sure you have clear and established goals on what message you want your brand to be associated with and then focus on ensuring that its conveyed at each and every interaction your customer has with your company.