Tips for Generating New Clients for your Builder Business

When it comes to marketing and sales, there is no magic formula to address all that is necessary in order to achieve consistent sales. According to contractor marketing automation experts, successful remodelers and builders have always relied on dependable repeatable systems and processes to achieve their goals.  Here are some helpful advice on how to generate new clients for your Builder business.

High Quality Images

Let your work speak for you. It is quite surprising that a lot of remodelers do not take high-resolution photos of their projects. We live in a visual world and photos can really mean the difference between a customer who is interested in getting some work done and one who just moved on to another website most likely your nearest competitor.  Taking photos of your work like a “before and after” shot is helpful at telling a story. Want to go the extra mile? Use a drone to capture amazing perspectives from up above.

Leave-Behind Materials

When you are visiting a potential client’s home or office ask yourself what are you leaving behind in order to make a good impression in order to standout from the rest? Aside from your winning smile, leave behind some good quality brochures or even a free e-book coupon so that your potential client can have something he can look at long after the meeting is done. That is a good way to leave a lasting impression.

Organize Regular Lead Meetings

Homebuilder sales conversion experts recommend doing regular lead meetings in order to assess and review every single lead and prospect. Leads can be categorizes between cold, on hold and active. This ensures that you are on top of what your sales and marketing team are doing before they send you a report. A regular fifteen-minute meeting once weekly will have a huge impact.

Always have a Call to Action Message

One tried and proven call to action message is a “text or call today” message on the website. Putting a call to action message rouses your prospect to do something about his interest in your services. He may not be a customer yet but at least you can be sure he is already one step closer.