Selecting the Right SEO Keywords for your Website

If you are performing SEO on your site, you know very well the importance of keywords in terms of site ranking and online reputation  However, there is a right and wrong way of selecting keywords for SEO purposes. If you chose wisely, and barring any other possible pitfalls, you will have an optimized site that has the potential for higher page ranking. Choose wrongly and you may find yourself in page rank limbo.  Here are some tips on how to choose the right SEO keywords.

Neither Too Broad nor Specific

Search engine optimization MN experts recommend that you refrain from choosing keywords that are just too specific or simply too broad that it would not be relevant to what your site represents.  In terms of broadness it should be wide enough so that people will use the keyword to search on Google, but at the same time narrow enough so you get a fair chance of hitting a good search rank as a result.  One example would be the term “exercise” which is too broad a search term.  However, “How to lose weight quickly with the right exercise routine” is a better option. 

Concentrate on Your Strengths

Page rank superiority is a war of attrition according to internet Marketing Minneapolis experts, there are just too many sites attempting to be a master of all but are really are just one topic kind of sites if you know what I mean. Concentrate on what you already know rather than embarking on a topic that you virtually know nothing about and expect it to be a hit for your users or target audience.  For example, attempting to write about a particular keyword, which you intend to talk about once every so often, it is likely your effort would be in vain as it won’t get picked up by the search engine. Therefore, choose a keyword that you are already an expert on so you can write about it more.  Why don’t you try combing through your article titles and other site content to see if there are common enough keywords being used and just simply expound on them.