Search Engine Marketing Ideas to Boost Site Awareness

A lot of small business owners have the notion that going “paid” in terms of marketing is just way too expensive and are just sticking their guns to organic methods.  Sure, it is expensive and not for everyone but that does not mean it is ineffective. On the contrary, paid advertising or marketing can help your business really well if you have the means to do so.  For people that are still thinking about taking the dive or still figuring out a budget for it, here are some search engine marketing ideas to boost awareness of your website.

Keyword Selection

It is a known fact that major brands have a bigger budget that allow them to outbid competition in paid search auctions. According to search engine optimization Minnesota experts, if you want to stay competitive against these brands focus your attention on keywords that create good quality leads and conversions for you.  Moreover, the use of long tail keywords in your campaign can allow you to target better and hence spend a lower sum as a result.  Put into perspective that there is less competition due to lower traffic from the long tail keywords. 


According to SEO Minnesota providers, one of the most efficient means of staying competitive against major brands that have far more marketing dollars to spend is to concentrate on geo-targeting also known as localization. If you cater only to a specific area, age, group or region there is no reason for you to mount a global campaign. Focus your strategy on your selected niche, country, city or state so that competition would become more localized and easier to control. You can also opt to run ads to run only on certain times of the day. By controlling when your ads come out, you can make the most of your marketing dollars and stay competitive with the big boys.

Use of Ad Extensions

Without a doubt this is an amazing means of putting additional information to your advertising. The rationale is if you are going to run an ad on a limited run, placing as much essential information as you can about your business can make all the difference.  Google offers a lot of options when it comes to ad extensions like click-to-call, reviews and site links.