How To Manage an Effective Pay Per Click Campaign

One of the tools at your disposal when running a search engine marketingcampaign is pay per click or simply PPC.  For those that are unaware of what pay per click does it is basically a way of purchasing visits to your website.  There is a lot that goes into developing an effective pay per click campaign from selecting the appropriate keywords to making sure those keywords are organized into ad group campaigns. 

Morning PPC Checks

According to pay per click Minnesota experts, managing an effective PPC campaign means letting your team get a good grasp of what happens on a daily basis. 2 important reasons for a morning check-in include:

  • Learning what happened yesterday – to determine wins and losses
  • To be able to react fast – there is so much that can occur in a day so a morning check-in can assist you to be on top of what is happening especially for recently launched campaigns and ads.

Remove Non-Essential Google Display Network Sites

This is an important basic step to do so you can exclude unrelated websites on the Google Display Network.  Essentially, the exclusion of sites where you do not want your ads to be seen.

Monitor Ad spend

This is crucial to anyone managing a PPC campaign. Monitor and verify that your budget is kept on track everyday so you are able to hit the monthly objective.

Monitor Top Spenders

Pay Per Click MN recommend that you check for top spenders to ensure everything is as it should be.  If you are not sure how to do this, simply go to your AdWords dashboard beneath the Campaigns tab so you can sort by lowest to highest campaign spending and determine if there are any outliers.  If you notice that that there was some heavy spending on a particular campaign, look at the search queries to determine whether or not there was a trend or if you need to negate some keywords. 

Check Ad Positions

Do you know whether or not your ads are displaying in a position on the search results? Look in the campaign tab in the AdWords to know for sure. As a rule, check if there is any ad that did not fall beyond the 2nd position.