3 Ways to Increase Leads for your Home Remodeling Website

We all know the degree of competition that remodeler and builders go through in order to get customers. Needless to say, business owners are always on the lookout for better and more creative ways of bringing new leads and projects.  Some believe that throwing a pile of cash on a social media marketing push is an easy and effective means of achieving a satisfying end result. While this is true if done right, there are other ways that you can get the same results without necessarily spending an arm and a leg.

Large and Visible Contact Information

According to home builder sales conversion experts, a simple but effective means of increasing leads is to prominently display your contact information on your site. Nothing says, “call us” better than a phone number that is large and visible. When potential customers go to your site, the last thing you want is for them to leave frustrated because they cannot see the contact us page. It is recommended to place your contact info in a large contrasting-color font at the top right-hand portion of the site to achieve better results.

Encourage Online Reviews

Nothing says trustworthiness than online reviews from satisfied customers.  Here are some creative means to get the reviews you want.

Establish an online review platform – when doing this the first thing to ask is if the customer was satisfied with the service. If they answered in the affirmative, you can then redirect them to a Google review platform. If they answered in the negative, redirect them to a form they can fill out to tell you exactly what was wrong with the experience so you would be able to address them.

Engage – If customers see that you respond to reviews it is highly likely that they will submit more. Engagement is key and make sure you are keeping in touch with the people that send reviews

Sidebar Online Contact Form

The Internet has allowed superior ease and convenience for just about anything this is better exemplified by the fact that online shopping is an almost effortless exercise. According to contractor marketing automation specialists, providing a sidebar online contact form, you could get two groups of potential customers. People that are too busy and do not have time or the inclination to discuss their needs at the moment but is interested in getting more info or folks that dislike talking to telemarketers.  A sidebar online contact form addresses the needs of these people. The form also allows you to reply quickly to their requests hence a better customer interaction overall.