3 Ways to Achieve a Better Remodeler Website

We all know that the world of remodeling is a cutthroat business. It is therefore important to always be a step ahead of your competition if you want to generate sales your way. If you are struggling with converting customers via your website here are some tips to guide you.

Establish Credibility

According to homebuilder sales conversion experts, the common mistake of many contractors is a hesitancy to include images of their work as well as reviews from customers that are satisfied with their service. Neglecting this all-important aspect means you are losing out on a valuable opportunity to generate trust with a possible customer that will increase the possibility of them selecting you as their next provider.  Whether you are a plumber, roofer or a remodeler, include recent photos of your work.

User Friendly Website with easy to use navigation

When posting content or images on your site do not just upload everything you got in the hopes that your customer might like something. The customer is not interested in what kind of tools you use, a few good pictures are ok but fifty images of the same project is not so good.  Make sure the design is simple and clean with the most important information prominently displayed so that the customer sees immediately what your services are and how soon you would be able to provide them. A call to action is not just an important component but also a NECESSITY.

Focused Traffic                          

In order to achieve better efficiency you need to target traffic that you are interested in serving. If you operate in Minnesota, it makes no sense to get leads from NY or London now would it? According to marketing automation for new home builders experts, drawing focused traffic to your site is a mix of on and off page SEO methods.  On-page optimization include photos and content on your site while off-page optimization refers to methods like AdWords that help increase focused traffic to your site. Specific keywords are a necessity to help funnel people to certain portions of your site that you want them to go. Increased traffic leads to a higher possibility of people that would want to avail of your services.